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17 Journalists Injured at the Disperse of Protest Rally
On May 26th the journalists were also injured as a result of the Public Assembly  protest rally disperse by the Special Forces unit.

TV Channel 25 Cut Off from the Cable Television Due to the Unpleasant Scenes for Ministry of Internal Affairs
The programs of TV Channel 25 are no longer provided for the customers of cable television Era. The fact of cut-off is explained due to the technical problems. However, the TV channel is refused to be provided with technical help.

Mukhrovani “Mutiny” – Saakashvili Staged Performance
On May 20, the video studio of the Human Rights Center HRIDC.TV screened a new documentary “Operation - “Mutiny” at the Tbilisi Cinema House. The film is about the “mutiny” in the Mukhrovani Military Base in 2009.
Georgia: Will Music Drown Out the News in Tbilisi?
Georgia’s main regulatory authority for radio and television says preference in the granting of broadcast licenses will be given to applicants that seek to entertain, rather than inform. Some observers in Tbilisi see the announcement as a government attempt to manipulate upcoming presidential and legislative elections.

Turned Up Newspapers in Georgia on the International Day of Press Freedom
On the twentieth anniversary of the International Day of Press Freedom, May 3, famous international organization rated Georgian media as “partly free” again.

Action in front of Parliament under Supervision of “Men in Black”
The member NGOs of Tbilisi Human Rights House and the “mobilized citizens” held a theatrical action dedicated to the media freedom on May 3 in front of the Parliament.

Singer Gia Gachechiladze to Become 50% Share Holder of Maestro TV
Gia  Gachchiladze, alias Utsnobi (stranger) is going to be handed over 50 per cent of Maestro TV shares.
According to Bacho (Ilia) Kikabidze, Director General, Maestro TV the agreement was reached yet in 2006. 
Restricted Rights: Annual Human Rights Report for 2010.
The Human Rights Center (HRIDC) has released a report Restricted Rights: Annual Human Rights Report for 2010.   
2010 marked several novelties as well as the continuation and strengthening of some trends observed in previous years in Georgia. The report represents the summary of work carried out mostly by Human Rights Centre in 2010.  

Full report is available here

Studio Monitor Lodges Second Complaint Against Rustavi 2 and Imedi TV
The Studio Monitor has filed a second complaint against the TV-Companies Rustavi 2 and Imedi-TV at the Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC). The “Monitor” blames the national TV-Companies in breaching the Law of Georgia on Broadcasting for the repeated violation of the estimated time regulations for sponsorship and TV-shopping; the organization requests that the GNCC impose fines on the TV-Companies.

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