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Broken Promises - living for today and voting for tomorrow …
Elections are won by broken promises, mindset of hope – that at least a little something will be changed in future to the better. People live for today and vote for tomorrow. During the pre-election campaign voters received just a sample of better things to come - paved roads and some streets with lighting. However, if the elections promises stay true to history, voters will still be walking along damaged roads and darkened streets.

Bribing Voters in Adjara Autonomous Republic
Prisoners released in exchange for five hundred votes

The information about prisoners, who were promised freedom if their relatives collected 500 votes, was widely distributed during the pre-election campaign. The validity of the information can be proved by the list the Human Rights Center received at the Election HQ of the National Movement, the ruling party.

Death of Georgian Democracy with Parliamentary Election Results
The highly anticipated 2008 Georgian parliamentary elections were held as expected – and the results did not come as a surprise to anyone close to civial society. Moreover, the results were fixed  before the ballots were printed. The international organizations, with their preliminary conclusions, have basically sanctioned the widespread riggning of elections and announced how elections were sucessfully held and a step forward for a struggling democracy. 

Elections in Shadow of Total Vote Rigging
“Elections were held on the background of total vote rigging,” stated representatives of the Georgian Human Rights Center. On the third day of the elections the center gave a press-conference where they discussed the wide range of violations that their observers had encountered on May 21 during the parliamentary elections.

Observers Haunted with an Axe and Weapon
 The parliamentary elections of May 21, 2008 were held in Kakheti Region with brutal infringements of the rights prescribed under the Georgian Constitution and requirements of the Election Code. In the precincts the observers from Georgian NGOs were barred from being able to normally observe the election process. They were not able to write complaints. Several observers were physically abused and even ousted from the polling stations.

Questions Raised by the Khurcha Incident
If indeed staged by Georgian authorities themselves, the incident is a disturbing example of cynicism, playing on the tragedy that befell the victims of the Abkhaz conflict, risking the lives and health of innocent civilians for political gain.

Norwegian Helsinki Committee: Report from Election Observation
Extraordinary Parliamentary Elections in the Republic of Georgia, 20 and 21 May 2008

Although technical procedures were handled effectively by the Precinct election commissions (PECs), the team made a number of observations indicating that the election was carried out in an atmosphere of intimidation, that may have affected voting patterns in the district.

Chronicles :
The Human Rights Centre Hardly Managed to Evacuate Observers from Gori Polling Stations

(Situation between 17:00 – 20:00) – “Please, help… are not you human?” – observers and election commission members from Gori villages were asking for help. At the election day, at the most polling stations counting of the ballots have been started by 8 p.m. without participation of the opposition parties. Before 8 p.m. the Human Rights Centre met lots of crying women and scared people in the villages of Gori district asking for taking them from that territory.

Akhaltsikhe: Ballot Box Stuffing with Faked Votes
Journalists Ia Gegeshidze and Maka Lominashvili worked at the Polling Station # 4 in Akhaltsikhe district. Election process became complicated when a gang of people with faked ballots suddenly appeared on the PS.

Open Palm: Another Signal to Circle “Five”
Vote Rigging in Kutaisi

The preliminary expectation of voters came true-elections in Kutaisi were flawed. Representatives of the local NGOs speak about various violations. Voters found strange signatures in their signature boxes. There were cases when voters received ballot papers only on majoritarian (single mandate) candidates. The votes cast were by others besides those that were supposed to be the actual voters.

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