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Trial on the Accused of Terrorist Acts Postponed

Case discussion on the detainees for organizing terrorist act was postponed at the Appeal Court because the convicted did not appear there.

Marina Damsashvili - lawyer of one of the convicted Davit Kekutia told the news agency Pirveli that the judge did not know the reason of prisoners’ absence.

“The lawyers of the convicted have well-grounded doubt they are in the same situation as at the City Court. The trial was dropped and postponed several times. Kolbaia said at the previous trial that he had made testimony under oppression. He added he did not even know several detainees. His lawyer said Kolbaia wanted to make a statement at the today’s trial and to clarify his appeal lawsuit. Apparently, he is not allowed to make the statement and try to oppress him,” Damsashvili said.

The next trial at the Appeal Court on the case of accused for organizing terrorist acts is scheduled at 4:00 pm on April 20.

On December 4, 2010 the MIA officers arrested the accused of organizing, execution and promotion of set of terrorist acts in September-November 2010 in the Georgian territory.

According to case materials, officer of the Russian military unit deployed in the occupied Abkhazian territory Evgeni Borisov and Murman Tskhadaia, worker at the under-construction military unit in Chuburkhinji, Gali district established a terrorist organization to scare people in various regions of Georgia, to cause public disorder and undermine strategic, political and economic interests of the Georgian state. Borisov and Tskhadaia organized several terrorist acts in Samegrelo region and in Tbilisi in 2009-2010 with the support of Tskhadaia, Arkania, Kolbaia and others; several accidents ended with casualty. Namely, on November 28, 2010 Nino Gordeziani died as a result of the terrorist act nearby the Labor Party’s head office in Javakhishvili Street in Tbilisi. 

Later, the court imposed live imprisonment on the sought Mukhran Tskhadaia and 30-year-imprisonment on the sought Evgeni Borisov and Melor Tskhadaia in absence. Merab Kolbaia, Gogita Arkania, Joni Abuladze, Gocha Khurtsilava and Davit Kekutia were sent to prison for 30 years due to aggregated punishments.

News Agency “Pirveli”

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Name: Ibrahim
2012-05-18 19:53
Hi,i loved the photos too.I did a Google scaerh using his name's original Russian spelling (сергей борисов) but apparently there's a footballer with the same name, and another famous man, a politician called Sergey Renatovich Borisov (сергей Ренатович борисов), which complicated things further.Even so, i managed to get two relevant results. My Russian is merely at the elementary level, so we'll have to use Google Translate to read them but it's better than nothing, i guess:, from a Russian art critic website called "арт азбука" or "Art Azbuka" which literally means "Art Alphabet". Maybe "The a-b-c of Art" or something? is somehow incompatible with Google Translate so doesn't work, but the Google Translate plugin for the Chrome browser does; .Hope this helps a bit. Please let us know if you manage to get any more info.Cheers.
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