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Reorganization Is Ongoing in the Gori City Hall


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

Reorganization was commenced in the Gori City Hall to reduce number of 41 non-commercial legal entities and Ltds, which were established by the City Hall. The legal department of the City Hall already sent letters to the directors of the legal entities to inform them about possible personnel reductions. 

“Municipal council made decision to reorganize the legal entities and Ltds, which were founded by the local administration. Consequently, we are enforcing the decision in accordance to the law. As for the warning notifications, it does not mean that the addressees were automatically sacked. We just informed them about planned reorganization which may result into personnel reduction,” head of the legal department at the Gori City Hall Davit Jolbordi said.

Opposition members of the Gori City Council say the non-commercial legal entities have turned into the nepotism manufactures and speak about necessity to reorganize them. However, council member from the United National Movement Mindia Goderdzishvili is doubtful about partiality of the reorganization and does not exclude possibility that instead addressing the nepotism problem, the neutral staff members, who belong neither to political parties nor are relatives of any government official, will be sacked from the entities.

Independent member of the city council Tamar Tedliashvili mistrusts the reorganization process. She said, the City Hall presented different action plan to the council for approval and now they are implementing different activities. Tedliashvili does not exclude that the reorganization aims to fire the staff members who are not acceptable for the City Mayor Zurab Jirkvelishvili.

“I asked the city mayor during the council session, whether he planned to fire the directors who are not acceptable for him; he refused. Regardless that I have feeling that it is the real purpose of this process,” Tedliashvili said.

As the head of the legal department clarified, the reorganization is carrying out in compliance with the law. He states the opponents have useless fears and claims that neither personal nor political opinions will be taken into account during reorganization.

Public Defender’s representative in Shida Kartli region will monitor the ongoing reorganization in the legal entities and Ltds; Ombudsman’s representative in the region Ana Janiashvili made statement about it. She said the resolution on the reorganization is not comprehensive enough and leaves places for misunderstanding.

“The resolution of the city council does not clearly indicate why it became necessary to issue the resolution. We were only informed that they made the decision after some analysis and evaluations but we do not see their analysis and evaluation in the resolution,” Ana Janiashvili said.

Together with the Public Defender’s Office, local offices of Human Rights Center and Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association will monitor the reorganization process. 

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