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50 members quitted the Gori organization of the Georgian Dream


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

“I quitted the National Movement and not the Georgian Dream because majority of the people in the ruling party were “ported” from the UNM,” Irma Papidze stated on September 20 and quitted the political party. She joined the Movement of Construction. Irma Papidze said 50 more members have left the party. 

“The reason of leaving the party was the fact that leaders elaborated the proportional election list without taking the opinions of the members of local organizations into account. We did not know whom they intended to insert on the list. The political secretary of the party, currently the first number of the proportional list Gela Kapanadze was telling the regional governor, State Security Service and MPs worked on the list and the party members were informed only about their decision,” Irma Papidze said. 

Gela Kapanadze denied the accusations of the former party member. He said the local organization has not received any notification on leaving from the members. However, he does not see anything alarming if 50 members quit the political party, and states that there is rotation process in the Gori office of the Georgian Dream. 

“There is rotation process in the Gori organization of the ruling party. However, neither Irma Papidze has notified us about quitting the party. As for the election list, I never said that the State Security Service was participating in the selection of the candidates. I told them that the monitoring service of the head quarters was reviewing the candidates that is ordinary process in every political party,” Gela Kapanadze said.

The controversy in the Gori organization of the ruling party started after the Georgian Dream nominated the chairperson of the Gori municipality council Konstantine Tavzarashvili to be the mayoral candidate. Part of the political party members supported the candidature of Davit Oniashvili, acting governor of Gori municipality. Finally, the Movement of Construction nominated Davit Oniashvili for the mayoral candidate and part of the members moved to his party to join him. 

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