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Wine-tree plants are more frequently stolen in Kakheti



In different villages of Kakheti region, people more often complain about stolen young plants of wine-trees from their vineyards. Tamar Modebadze from Akura village in Telavi municipality reported to the police that somebody stole 1200 plants from her vineyard. However, the police did not start investigation into thievery but in the damage of other’s property.

Tamar Modebadze started planting vineyard in Akura village, next to wine factory, several months ago and planted 1800 wine-trees there. Each plant costs 1, 3 GEL. In the period of three weeks initially 50 plants were stolen and finally 1200 plants.

“I invest my income and savings in this plot. I hoped that the vineyard was in the village center and next to the factory which is guarded, we decided to plant one-year-old plants. The thievery facts have become so frequent that nobody dares to plant young wine-trees in their vineyards,” Tamar Modebadze said.

She added that it was not first incident in their village. Another family had 400 plants stolen but the police have not yet identified perpetrators.
MIA launched investigation into the incident under Article 187 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which punishes damage or deconstruction of other’s property.
According to the Reginfo, several similar incidents happened in the villages of Kvareli and Gurjaani municipalities for the past one month. The victimized farmers say majority of them did not apply to police because they did not investigate any case of thievery yet. 

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