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'European Days 2019' are over


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

The closing ceremony of the European Days 2019 was held in the Art-Vila Garikula in Kaspi municipality. The senior school- children and students from all four municipalities of Shida Kartli region attended the event. The director of the National Library of the Parliament of Georgia Giorgi Kekelidze led discussion on the topic – “What Europe means for Georgia and what Georgia means for Europe?”

“We discussed how our and European identities are interconnected, which is demonstrated in our history. We discussed the European way of Georgia, relations between Georgia and Europe, European values, cultural diversity and importance of the education. I think we had an interesting discussion,” Kekelidze said.

Shida Kartli regional governor Giorgi Khojevanishvili said that organizing of closing ceremony of the European Days in Shida Kartli region has symbolic meaning because of creeping occupation.

“It is very important that the closing ceremony of the European Days was held in Shida Kartli region and it has symbolic meaning because of occupation; with similar events we popularize Europe and European values in the society,” Khojevanishvili said.

Director of the NATO and EU Information Center Nino Bolkvadze said similar events are very important as they promote awareness raising of the youth about NATO and EU.

“Today we discussed the European way and European development of Georgia; together with the review of our history, we also discussed what the relations between Georgia and EU are nowadays and based on what values and fundaments it is built on,” Nino Bolkvadze said.

About 80 events were organized in the frame of the European Days 2019 and it ended with the awarding ceremony of the posters’ competition “Georgia’s European Way” in Kaspi municipality.

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