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Personnel changes in the Gori municipality city hall


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

Several facts prove that ongoing personnel changes in the municipality city hall were not the initiative of the mayor Konstantine Tavzarashvili. After Ekaterine Sukhishvili quitted the position of the deputy mayor, the position was vacant for a while. Regardless many questions of the local media, the mayor could not make choice among several candidates. 

On August 24, in his interview with the Radio Mosaic, Konstantine Tavzarashvili could not remember Paata Ivanishvili and then categorically denied the possibility of appointing him to the position of the deputy. 9 days later, on September 2, Paata Ivanishvili became the deputy mayor. “I appointed Paata Ivanishvili on the position of my deputy considering his experience, management skills and personality,” Konstantine Tavzarashvili said.
Paata Ivanishvili is not the first person, who put Tavzarashvili in an awkward situation; when discussing the candidates for the position of the head of public amenities in Gori municipality,  the municipality mayor did not have information about Bachana Gvianishvili too, but later he became the head of the service. 

Who is Bachana Givanishvili? answer to this question will make the backstage developments of the personnel changes in the Gori municipality city hall clear. Gvianishvili is a friend and course-mate of Shida Kartli region governor Gigi Khojevanishvili. Consequently, people believe that the regional governor interferes in the personnel changes in the city hall. Besides them, another deputy of the municipality mayor – Erasti Elijarashvili is also a close friend of the regional governor. 

“The regional governor makes all important decisions here. The mayor just signs and seals the documents. He has no other function,” the member of the municipal assembly from the United National Movement Beka Korchilava said. 

Konstantine Tavzarashvili visited Tkviavi village on September 3, together with Paata Ivanishvili, where they assigned wooden cottage to 6-member socially vulnerable family of the Giguashvilis. The mayor and his deputy arrived in Tkviavi without informing media about it to get rid of unpleasant questions from journalists. As for the deputy mayor, Paata Ivanishvili had been the manager of the Shida Kartli regional office of the Ltd United Water Supply Company of Georgia. 

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