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A Citizen Was Beaten in the Adjara Department of Interior Ministry

cema.gifOn Sunday, at 19:00 PM, investigator Davit Kordzaia beat Mamuka Askurava to force out a testimony from him. Askurava is now at hospital with concussion.

Mamuka Askurava was taken to the police three days ago. Before that, his brother, Kote Askurava, had been interrogated. Kote Askurava was a watchman of the locked door of the "Aghordzineba-M" and the surrounding area. He was interrogated as a suspect for having stolen the wine machine from the locked factory. Askurava arrived at the police with the lawyer and he was released within the limited time.

On the next day, his brother Mamuka Askurava, was taken to the police station. "I was taken from home and they said Gocha Turashvili, Deputy Chief of the Department, wanted to see me. There were many people in the room. The investigator sat on the table in front of me. He enquired what I knew about my brother's activities. The person, who was asking me questions, was also beating me in my head. The others were just threatening me to make me say what they wanted. They said they would help me to recall everything easily. I did not look at him but I know that Kordzaia was beating him. When another investigator wanted to find out who was questioning Askurava, they answered it was Kordzaia. He was a tall, slim man and others appealed him like Batono Davit," said the beaten Askurava.

Davit Kordzaia really works in the department. However, he had gone to Kakheti on a business leave. He does not answer the phone call, though we called him several times.

Davit Bedia, the chief of the Interior Ministry's Adjara Department, calls Askurava's statement a false. He said that, "it is a lie and that man is a liar."

Victim Mamuka Askurava is in Batumi hospital #1 at present. He was diagnosed by Doctor Levan Khmaladze, "Preliminary diagnoses shows that the person has concussion. Standard examination is going on to prove diagnose. Final results will be in four or five days."

Maka Malakmadze, Batumi

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