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Vakho Komakhidze: “There Were Normal Conditions in the Cell of Georgian Adults”

Ana Sheshaberidze

Journalist for the Studio “Reporter” Vakho Komakhidze reported that adults from Tirdznisi village were in normal conditions in the custody in Tskhinvali.

“Children told us that the conditions in the cell were normal. Generally, even peaceful population do not live in good conditions in Tskhinvali,” said the journalist. He said the war in August caused serious deconstruction in the town; though some construction activities are going on.

On December 16, Vakhtang Komakhidze, chairperson of the Georgian non-governmental organization “Union of Spouses of Disabled and Lost Warriors” Manana Mebuke and conflict scientist, member of Republic Party Paata Zakareishvili visited Tskhinvali based on the invitation of Eduard Kokoyty, leader of Ossetian separatists.

They visited Tskhinvali to see the kidnapped Georgian adults and had several meetings with local human rights defenders, family members of killed and missing people.

“The family members of the killed warriors were interested to make Georgian side to keep their promise and exchange the hostages based on the principle “everybody in exchange of everybody.” The families also requested to estimate the location of their relatives who are captured by Georgian side and also delivery of dead bodies of Ossetian people,” said Vakho Komakhidze.

The journalist is working on the film about Russian-Georgian war, about current situation in Tskhinvali and Georgian hostages in Tskhinvali. He said the further relationship with Ossetian human rights defenders depends on this film.

“Paata Zakareishvili and I will not give them reason to split this relationship,” said the journalist and added that working on the film will finish soon if materials are provided on time.

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