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The Ministry of Justice has Adopted Regulations of National Bureau for Expertise


The Ministry of Justice has Adopted Regulations of National Bureau for Expertise

Media News. According to the order of George Papuashvili, the Minister of Justice, they have adopted regulations of reorganized structural subdivision of the Ministry of Justice, i.e. regulations of National Bureau for Expertise.
National Bureau for Expertise has been established on the basis of the Ministry of Justice’s Examination and Special Investigations’ Centre along with the Ministry of Health’s Examination Service. This structural change was due to the better management of the System and establishment of common politics in the sphere of examination.

National Bureau for Expertise of the ministry of Justice is entitled to carry out: technical examination of documents; examination of manuscripts and signatures; ballistic examination; examination of roads; auto-technical and transport examination; computer, audio-video,   financial and accounting checking; examination of substances, materials and manufactures; examination of plants; examination of oil products’ quality; examination of food, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverage along with tobacco products; engineering-technological examination; histological examination; physical-technical examination; medical-chemical examination, psychiatric scrutiny and examination; drug control and examination, etc.

The Bureau has got independent balance, bank and treasury accounts, stamp and other attributes characteristic to legal entities. It is governed by the head appointed by the Minister of Justice. The head of the Bureau has got deputies, among whom one is the so-called first deputy. National Bureau of Examination is controlled by the Ministry of Justice.

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Name: ედნარ ფარტენაძერ
2011-03-26 15:33
ყოფილი ავტო ტექნიკური ექსპერტი.ცუდია მაშინ როცა სამსახურის ხემძრვანელი მოტყუებით ყველა ახალი თვის დასაწყისში და დასასრულში სამსახურის დატოვებასთან დაკავშირებით ხელს აწერიწბდა თანამშრომლებს დოკუმენტებზე და შემდგომ სამსახურიდან დათხოვნით პირად განცხადებებს იყენებს ასე ხდებოდა ქალაქ ბათუმში..გ–მ დროს
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