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Abkhazian Journalists Intend to Hold a Protest Action


Abkhazian Journalists Intend to Hold a Protest Action

Sokhumi. 21.12.04.Media News. Shutting down of information agency “Apsnispresa” caused the local journalists to be planning to hold a protest action on December 28. The initiators of the action have already received the needed sanction from the City Mayor’s Office.

The journalists blame Nodar Khashba, Prime Minister in shutting down of the agency and according to Izida Chania, Editor of one of the newspapers it became clear straight from the moment of Khashba’s appointment that he would declare war to the media.

“He began this war from “Apsnispresa” as it was a state agency and Khashba as the Prime Minister had the right to shut it down. This fact indicates once more that the law is tailored to the needs of individual persons not of the whole society” – said Chania.

She also said that Khashba made the decision of shutting down the agency because it had been covering the developments after the elections of October 3 in an impartial way.

A session will be held in the parliament on December 27 regarding this issue.

For information: Nodar Khashba issued the decree about closing of the information agency “Apsnispresa” on December 24. Newly established printing agency will enjoy the rights of the closed “Apsnispresa”. “Apsnispresa” had been functioning since Januari 31, 1995.

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